Tips for Purchasing a Used Floor Burnisher

Burnishing floors is the best way to maintain the finish shine while making the floor easier to clean. In addition to smoothing out scratches, it helps reduce areas for dirt and debris to settle. Purchasing fully refurbished used floor burnishers is a cost-effective option when you are looking to purchase a burnisher on a budget. However, there some factors you should consider when shopping for a second-hand burnisher to ensure that you get value for your money.

Here are a few questions you should ask when shopping for a used floor burnisher:

How old is the floor burnisher, and what is its history?
Just like buying a second-hand car, it is not wise to buy a used machine before inspecting its condition to avoid buying a broken machine. It is essential to know how old the appliance is before you purchase it. This way you can easily tell the burnisher’s remaining useful service life. It is advisable to buy a unit that is three years old or less. Learn about the service history of the machine including previous repairs and replacement of broken parts.

Purchasing your unit from a used appliance supplier rather than a private party is highly recommended. This is to ensure that you pay for a burnisher that has been inspected, properly repaired, broken parts replaced, cleaned and repainted. You’ll also get a warranty for the machine as well as delivery and clear user instructions. 

What type of surface will you burnish?
Floor burnishers are designed for use on a variety of surfaces including wood, linoleum, and stone. Think about what type of floor surfaces you have to clean. Floor burnishers can be used on stone surfaces, such as granite or marble to apply sealants to protect them from damages and spill. Burnishing wood floors with the correct chemicals keeps them looking great as is the case with linoleum floor which is easier to service compared to wood floors. When selecting a floor burnisher, always keep in mind the type of floor material that needs burnishing before making the purchase. This allows you to select the appropriate chemical for the surface as using incorrect chemicals may damage the floor.

What is the power source for your burnisher? 
The source of power to run your machine is an essential determining factor when shopping for a floor burnisher. An electric-powered unit is lighter compared to machines that use other sources. However, it is not appropriate for use where there is inadequate access to electrical outlets. A battery powered unit is heavier but convenient in areas where electricity is not available. Propane-powered units come in handy where access to electric outlets is limited and are therefore most appropriate for large areas. They are however more expensive and require higher maintenance.

Floor burnishers allow you to keep your floor surfaces protected and shiny.   If unsure of what type of floor burnisher to get, consult with a used floor burnisher professional.