Marijuana Germination Challenges

Are you thinking of cultivating marijuana for your own personal consumption and wondering whether to venture into this project or not? Growing your own marijuana at home from weed seeds brings about numerous benefits. These benefits however could not be enjoyed without facing some of the challenges every marijuana cultivator faces. So if you are thinking of growing marijuana you should familiarize yourself with all the basic challenges in marijuana cultivation.

One of the most common challenges in marijuana cultivation is the germination challenges. Even the most enthusiastic marijuana cultivators could at times get discouraged right at this stage of germinating their seeds.

If you are totally new to gardening and plants, then you might want to invest some time in understanding how marijuana seeds have to be germinated. There are different approaches and you need to find one that is simple to get started with and also something that has the highest success rates.

First find the best weed seeds USA has to offer. Most marijuana cultivators when they are beginning make mistakes here. They do not pay attention to the quality of the seeds that they are ordering but they blindly go with the price factor and end up with inferior quality seeds. This is not to say that you cannot obtain good quality marijuana seeds at a reasonable price. You can certainly find online number of seed suppliers that sell cannabis seeds at a reasonable price. Take time to identify such suppliers so that you do not have to compromise on the quality of the seeds. You will need to buy seeds that guarantee the highest germination rate.

Some people sow the seeds directly in the soil before they are germinated and germinate them in the soil. Others first germinate it before planting by soaking the seeds overnight, draining the water and leaving the seeds on a towel that is soaked with water. In few days these seeds germinate and once the germinated seeds reach a certain level of growth the saplings are transferred to the cultivation bed or the planters.

If you are germinating the seeds directly in the cultivation bed make sure that you are not placing the seeds too deep in the soil because if you do, it will affect the germination rate. The soil should not be too wet or too dry. Make sure the soil is just moist enough to trigger the seed to sprout.

Do not put the seeds that would like to germinate under direct sun as the new sprouts could dry out easily even before they fully germinate. Germinate the seeds in semi shade regardless of whether you are germinating in the wet towel or on the germination tray.

If the quality of the seed that you are using is good, it should not be a huge challenge to get them sprouted. So make it a point to obtain your seeds from the right sources so that you can enjoy higher rate of success with your germination efforts.