Improve your attention level with Pine bark extract

Pycnogenolis a derivative of Pinuspinaster plant. It comprises of powerful antioxidants, known as proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are liable for the majority of its effects. According to research, supplementing with this compound can provide a person abundant benefits that include improving overall health. This supplement can also assist in strengthening blood vessels plus improving blood flow. Users also get enhanced brain health with this medication. It also improves transportation of oxygen to various cells besides augmenting blood pressure. This antioxidant-rich extract is well-known for improving the activities of the users’ immune system and it also helps lessen the signs of attention shortage hyperactivity problem.

Also known as pine bark extract, this medication is recognized as a pine which is native to southwest France. This tree is found growing on the sideways of the western Mediterranean. This extract is found on the interior bark of the tree named “Pinuspinaster” and it is mostly found in Europe. The bark extract contains potent constituent and antioxidant because it is filled with OPC (oligomericproanthocyanidin) compounds and they are also present in the skin of the peanuts, witch hazel bark, and grapeseeds. The OPCs present in this extract have excellent anticarcinogenic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral, and anti-aging properties.

The ways of taking this medication

This extract is found in the form of liquids, tablets, capsules and they comprise of 85%-90% OPCs. Besides, this medication is also available in the form of ointments, lotions or creams and they contain 0.5%-2% of this compound. When you decide to take this medication you must follow the dosing recommendations carefully that are mentioned on the label. However, it would be wiser to consult your physician regarding the proper dosages, which are based on your symptoms and other conditions before you take this medication.

There are some guidelines according to WebMD and they are:

  • For treating allergies, a dosage of 50 mg needs to be taken two times per day.
  • For treating asthma in children, a dosage of one mg/pound of body weight should be taken in a couple of divided doses.
  • For a poor circulation, it is advised to take 45-360 mg per day or 50-100 mg thrice daily.
  • For the problems of the retina, a dosage of 50mg is required to be taken thrice daily.
  • For a mild high blood pressure, a suggested dosage is 200 mg per day.
  • For augmenting exercise capacity, a dosage of 200 mg is required to be taken each day.

Positive user reviews

Pine bark extract does have countless loyal and enthusiastic users. Numerous users from all over the world are thoroughly enthralled with its antioxidant properties. Users get thrilled when they notice the improvements they find in their skin. There are others who get impressed noticing the developments they experienced in the stress levels since they started taking this medication. Again, there are some who experienced unbelievable improvements in their eyesight. According to the users’ reviews, the powdered form of this medication is awfully unpleasant and this is the reason they dissolve in in liquids.