ezTalks remote training solutions via video conferencing

First, the project needs

With the development of the economy, the acceleration of information transmission makes learning, charging and improving the content which has become more and more people to pay more and more concerned. In recent years, the demand of online education and training has become more and more vigorous. The common forms of training on the Internet are basically pages, downloads, tutorials and other static content, can not meet the real-time interactive teaching content requirements.

Second, remote training video conferencing solution purpose

Help small and medium enterprises / institutions such as improving staff quality and ability to improve their skills and learning business knowledge, but also to strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, training and attract talent. Provides a real-time interactive virtual classroom. Here, the interaction between teaching and learning can be the most direct expression. The lecturer can talk about his handouts, courseware, manuscripts, questions, and students can speak and discuss in groups, and realize “face-to-face” interaction between teachers and students, just as in the same classroom.

Third, the application value to enhance

1) anytime, anywhere, flexible and effective, personal master learning initiative. Where can the Internet be on the Internet! Time, place, arrange with you! Ands. Find rounds.ithers. Find rounds.ithers. Rhither correlation outcome

 2) Personalized learning. Teaching content by class / section division, understand can not listen, do not understand can listen to several times, until you understand.

3) to provide curriculum Q & A, thoughtful and thoughtful service. Online ad hoc all kinds of courses Q & A area, you can always consult the teacher and get a satisfactory answer.

4) functional, easy to operate. Course selection, schedule control, account management, online operations, online testing, online discussion, functional, easier to operate.

Fourth, remote training video conferencing solution application

As a new type of network training and distance education system, can be widely used in the following areas: internal training, professional training institutions of the network class, a variety of examinations online counseling, partners and customer training, remote network, securities stock Foreign exchange training, online tutoring.

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