Yogyakarta, the Artistic Place to Visit

If people know Jakarta as the nation powerhouse of most industries and finances, then Yogyakarta is the nation soul where the artistic heritage and harmony are existed to create a balance. You can shorten the city name and called as Yogya. It is located in Central Java where the Javanese arts and traditional cultures are really strong there. Come there and you will find the most lovable and livable city in the world with dozens of hotels and restaurants that offer the best service for you. There are so many destination places that you can find in this city. From local arts, traditional cultures, and natural wonders; all of them will catch your desire and feel like you are coming to the beauty of a world heaven. Try some delicious food and get the recipe of it.

Yogyakarta attractions are spreaded in every spot in this city. You will find numerous attractions there to enjoy it while having a great vacation. All of them bring Yogya to the second favorite destination places in Indonesia to be visited after Bali. Some of the places that you have to visit are:

  • Malioboro Street. It is a place that you have to visit while visiting Yogya. This is a place where you can anything that you want as a gift or souvenir from Yogya. You will find a lot of knick knacks and accessories with cheap prices. It is a place where tourist and local people gather to buy and sell. Malioboro is always full of visitors since morning till night, it is a busy street. You can buy traditional handmade there which has rich of valuable arts of Central Java such as classic batik for clothes or bags. Also, various kinds of accessories are there like blangkon, rattan bamboo ornament, bamboo handicrafts, and many more. It is the most perfect place to go shopping.
  • Ramayana Ballet Show. After having a great views watching sunset in Prambanan, then you have to watch Ramayana Ballet Show to complete your vacation. The show of is started at 7.30 pm and the location is in outdoor stage. Before watching the show, you will get a copy paper of Ramayana story plot. It is better to read the copy first before it is started so you can understand the scene in the show. The show will be accompanied by Gamelan, a traditional Javanese musical instrument.

Yogyakarta city is known well as the main gate of Central Java. It is located geographically stretching from Merapi Mountain to Indian Ocean. Yogya remains of its rich traditional culture and arts that you can see it easily in every place. If you choose to come to the Malioboro Street, then you will find valuable handicrafts and friendly local people. If you come to the Prambanan Temple and watch Ramayana Ballet Show, then you will realize that the performance is really spectacular and rich of culture values. All you will find there is the balance among natural beauty, traditional culture, and metropolitan city in some spots. So, what are you waiting for? Get your precious vacation by coming there!