Tips to get right with the choice of the center table

Perhaps we do not give much importance to the center usually, because sofas usually have a greater decorative presence. However, in order to get a harmonious look in your room, it is essential to make things sorted out in right order.

It is one of the areas where we spent so much time alone, with friends, reading, watching TV and sometimes even working; that is, and the area of​ the house where we probably spend more time and more say about us because we show more to others.

Well, as we pointed out then, one of the pieces of furniture key to get a cozy space, is the center table– The one that is placed in front of the sofas. In which we often dine or place the magazines that we are going to read. And of course, around which we meet with guests, family and friends.

Clearly it is a key piece. And that’s why you have to pay attention to your choice. Of course, it will rarely be the first one we buy. Usually we will get it after the sofas, the dresser, and the bookstore. Simply, try to fit the style of the rest of the living room.

In that sense, it is important to decide on one material or another. For example, if we have chosen a rustic look, the best will be the wood. Or the glasses if we want to give it a touch of elegance and, in step, expand the sense of space. If we have a fairly large room, you can take into account materials such as stone or marble. And if you have followed the industrial style, no doubt, look for a table that mixes wood with metal- if it has wheels, even better.

As for the shape, the most usual is that it is rectangular. The reason is as simple as it is usually the one that goes best to the sofa, almost always with three seats. But if your living room is small and you have a sofa for two, you can opt for a square table. And even round. These are usually adequate to avoid spikes when you have young children. It is a simple way to avoid risks.