Stay Cozy in Your Commute with this Climate Control Feature

Learning to drive on a ranch meant using trucks with no frills. Automatic locks were accomplished by pushing down the lock, not pushing a button. Power steering wasn’t just a part of driving, it was also a work out. Climate control was accomplished by two integrated air-conditioners—the driver and passenger side windows. Trucks have come a long way since then. You can see just how far trucks have come in the luxury department by visiting any of the Indianapolis Ford dealerships.

One luxury that can change your driving experience comes in perhaps the most overlooked part of your vehicle—your seat. Of course, having a comfortable seat is important. Gone are the days of saddle blanket cover seats and single bench seats that enforce strict posture. Now trucks come equipped with leather or synthetic seats that conform to your body. But real comfort comes in how modern seats can help you stay warm or cool.

More and more vehicles are coming equipped with seats that both heat and cool. The science behind how these seats work is relatively simple. If you’ve ever used a heating blanket, then you know the basics of how your heated seat works. A heating coil wound beneath the cover of your seat. These coils are a type of resistor, meaning that when electricity is passed through, the wire “resists,” creating friction and resulting in heat. Left unchecked, the wire would continue to heat, potentially causing injury or even fire. A thermostat, however, keeps the temperature in check, shutting of the electricity when the desired temperature is reached.

Cooled seats are achieved in one of two ways, either through air circulation or refrigeration. Cooled seats start with the material. Your seat may be a porous mesh, or it may be perforated. Whichever the case, the material allows air to pass through. Even if the air used has not been cooled, just the air movement will work to cool you off because it harnesses how your body works. To keep itself cool, your body releases heat through your pores as a water vapor. As the water evaporates, your body is cooled. But, if that water vapor is trapped against your body, it condenses into sweat. Think of a time you were stuck in traffic, your car baking in the sun. Even if the air conditioner was working, chances are that when you got out, your backside was a sweaty mess. Circulating air through the seat helps to carry away that water vapor, thus keeping you cooler.

Heated or cooled seats are really something you have to experience to appreciate. Indianapolis Ford dealerships have plenty of vehicles with this feature. If that luxury doesn’t sound like something you would be interested in, you can always go back to rolling down the windows.