Spider Vein Removal: Sclerotherapy vs. Laser Vein Therapy

Spider veins are veins that form a web-like patch beneath the skin and are often seen in colours red, blue or green. These are also referred to as varicose veins and are highly common in people in their middle aged years, or even older. Although they affect an unusually high number of people, not everyone is aware of what these veins are and whether they can be harmful to their health or not.

Although these veins are not dangerous, they can alter the stamina as well as the ability to walk properly, because often, spider veins cause legs to swell or feel tired. However, it’s always better to get treatment for the condition because in severe cases, the veins might rupture the skin and exude puss from the skin while also affecting the ability to walk.

Sclerotherapy vs. Laser Vein Therapy

There are two treatments used to treat spider veins: Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein therapy. Both of these treatments produce immensely good results, but one can prove to be better than the other depending on the case of the person in question. So when is sclerotherapy a better option than laser vein therapy, and vice versa? Read on to find out.

When Is Sclerotherapy theBetter Option?

In circumstances or cases, where the patient notices excessive clusters of spider veins forming all over their legs, sclerotherapy can undoubtedly prove to be the better option. This is because laser vein therapy is more useful to treat small veins or a few veins. Sclerotherapy is also a lot less painful and cost-effective, making it an affordable form of treatment. It is also better for people who have a low tolerance for pain and even dark-skinned individuals because laser therapy causes discolouration. When Is Laser Vein Therapy the Better Option?

Laser therapy is a much better option for people who wish to get rid of spider veins on their face or other delicate areas. Other factors that make it the more preferred choice is if you have a fear of needles and cannot take the continuous of pricking of needles used in sclerotherapy. Contributory factors are making laser therapy a better option is if the patient has several patches of visible blood vessels. Not to mention, laser therapy is also better for getting rid of tiny veins that cannot be injected.

Pick Your Own Treatment

Depending on your case, your doctor might tell you what the better option is for you. Us this article to assist you. Remember, both forms of treatment have an exceptional success rate and have proven to be two of the best treatment options for spider veins.