Options for Storing Your Stuff

Most of us have a lot of extra stuff that we can’t seem to get rid of, be it for sentimental reasons, because we think we might need it some day or we are just hoarders to different degrees. And as it begins to pile up in your own home or garage, you suddenly realize that you are on the fast track to ending up on a documentary reality show episode and need to find a place where all this stuff can be kept—other than the dump. Below are some of the best available options for where to store all of this extra stuff, based on your specific situation.


If you have the room on your property and don’t mind a large metal unit being brought on to sit there for however long you need it, consider investing in a mobile storage unit. These massive metal crates are similar to the ones that are loaded on cargo ships, so you will need fork truck lifting capacity that is probably very high, even for the smallest units. The cost of renting these crates is usually reasonable on a monthly basis. However, the transport is the most expensive part, due to hiring a driver with a fork truck lifting capacity able to transport and move a mobile storage unit into place.


You’ve seen these buildings everywhere most likely and Pubic Storage, among other companies, offer rooms of various sizes where you stuff can just be kept for a relatively low monthly fee. The unit will be locked and protected by the company’s security and you can come and go as you please twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Units vary in cost per month based purely on their size.


See if friends and family want to hold onto larger pieces of furniture or equipment that you have in storage. This satisfies a number of things. Not only is your stuff kept somewhere that is not your house or garage, but someone you know and are close to gets some benefit from these items as well. Also, you run the risk of these items being damaged or destroyed by a friend or family member who are holding onto them. Which may cause some personal drama.


It goes against the title of this article, of course, but there’s always the option of having a garage sale, making some extra money and ridding yourself of all these extra items for good. That way you won’t be costing yourself a monthly fee for just holding onto it or having to worry about things like fork truck lifting capacity or friends and family members damaging your possessions.