Muscular Hypertrophy – Using the Science of Set-Rep Schemes

In brief, muscular hypertrophy is the increase in muscle fiber size, also known as muscle growth. There are multiple mechanisms that are responsible for stimulating muscle growth in the body and, each of these mechanisms can be stimulated by using different training protocols. These mechanisms are:

  • Increased muscle tension or mechanical stress on muscle tissues
  • Intramuscular energy depletion, which happens due to metabolic demands

Both of these lead to something that has been termed as ‘upstream signaling’, which causes ‘downstream’ effects. These events includes the following:

  • Mechanical and metabolic stress which leads to structural damage
  • Signaling from mechanical stress that affects muscle fibers
  • Hormonal response and inflammatory response
  • Protein synthesis, which leads to muscle hypertrophy

By manipulating the number of sets and reps conducted within a training session:

  • Mechanical and metabolic stress can be enhanced
  • Anabolic hormonal response (testosterone, hGH, IGF-1, MGF) can be increased
  • Muscle catabolism can be reduced

This chain of events allows the body to adapt by rebuilding itself bigger and stronger than ever before. By manipulating the sets and repetitions, while using the necessary loads required for that repetition, one can also manipulate the way in which they grow, along with the strength they can gain with additional muscle size, or may not gain which will be explained further.

Hypertrophy with strength

Newcomers will often only perform 4 x 3 or 3 x 4 during periods of maximal strength training. Such parameters fall short of the necessary volume required for hypertrophy. By simply increasing the number of sets, and reducing the rest intervals, so that the 3 x 4 becomes 8 x 4, an immediate hypertrophic effect will be produced. In addition to that, Anapolon 50 mg capsules can be of great benefit for those working out to gain 10 to 15 pounds or more within just 2 weeks. A minimal load of 85{bf12552bb301109520aa3058cc173ea4bd01a69bf8601d0f47c5828d4a4ce04d} of one repetition maximum is required to recruit the high-threshold motor units as well as elicit gain in strength, and these types of set-rep protocols provide this. Hypertrophy without an emphasis on strength is called Non-functional Hypertrophy.


There is a wide variety of set-rep combinations; which ones to use in the hypertrophy-style training depend on one’s needs. One should try using a mixture of set-rep combinations within your own muscle building workouts, and not just one loading parameter. This will help with the development of both functional and non-functional hypertrophy by ‘knocking out’ a variety of different motor units within the same training session, and thereby optimizing muscular growth.