Men’s Workout Routine to Get Big and Ripped

It is necessary for fitness enthusiasts to have consistency if they want to get big and ripped at the same time. Most people who have succeeded in this dream can attest that it is not as easy as one may think. Apart from the workouts that we are going to discuss here, it calls for the use of fitness gear like Acheter Steroide Oraux – Meilleur Anabolisants and a well-planned diet. For men, getting ripped and increasing muscle mass with workouts can be a success with the following options.

Cardio and Weight Training

An experienced fitness trainer, David advises that all muscles must get some training at least once per week. With this as a standard, such experts go on to recommend the isolation and compound exercises to be followed. The easiest exercises include a five-day cycle with 2 days to rest the body in between. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be used to prepare the body to get ripped. However, trainers with injuries can use low-intensity interval training at this time.

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The Five-Day Men’s Training

If you read about fitness regularly, you probably have come across the word superset. A superset includes a combination of compound and isolation exercises to benefit the whole body. People use different sequences when performing the exercises depending on what they want to achieve. For men with an ambition to get ripped and gain muscles at the same time, this is something great for you.

  • Monday – barbell deadlifts can be a great start after the warm-up. It is recommended that you do 5 sets each with 15 reps for the best results. The barbell bench presses follow this superset, and 2 sets of 15 reps will be enough for day one. To wind up this day, do 4 sets of assisted dips with 8 reps each.
  • Tuesday – after the warmups, do 5 sets of crunches with 10 reps each. After that, a similar superset of behind the neck presses should follow. Other supersets for this day should include dumbbell shrugs, lateral raises and overhead presses. All these are focused on benefiting the upper body.
  • Wednesday – this day should be dedicated to HIIT. The treadmill, elliptical trainer and other cardio machines should be used. A fitness trainer or a manual will direct the number of reps to perform on every machine. As mentioned earlier, people with injuries can use the LIIT option for this day.
  • Thursday – you should rest on this day.
  • Friday – today, you will work out the legs. After the warm-up, either barbell squats or plain squats can be a good start. 5 sets of 15 reps will work wonders before proceeding to equal numbers of lunges and leg presses. Some people can include leg curls, but these can be omitted if the body is exhausted.
  • Saturday – this is a day to touch on all body parts before closing the week. Therefore, it is recommended to use each of the main supersets in all categories.
  • Sunday – you should rest on this day.


These supersets have been proven to deliver results when used consistently. There can be a variation for different people as advised by your fitness trainer. You will have all the best in getting a ripped and big body at the same time.