Know The History Of Cake Decoration

Cakes are most favoured desserts of all times. They are sought after not just for their delicious taste but also for their enticing looks. With time, cakes have begun to be presented attractively in all shapes and designs. From photo cakes to layer cakes, naked cakes and so forth, the designs that cakes come in is unlimited.

But did you ever wonder how did the decoration of cakes to convert it into an appealing beauty begin to take place? Well, it all dates back to ancient times to the mid 17th century.

Here’s an extra piece of information: The cakes earlier were bread-like and sweetened with honey.

Getting back to the history, by the time of 17th century, cake decoration gained popularity for their elaborative styles and displays. They began to appear in banquets and numerous occasions.

It was in 1840s that the temperature controlled ovens came into being. This made baking a lot more convenient and a pleasurable experience. As a result, more attention and detailing were given to the designs which were generally old in method with intricate piping. This also made baking very popular during that time. They began to be included in every celebration like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas etc.

Cakes for Wedding

Tradition of baking cakes for weddings dates back to Roman times. During weddings, a basic fruit cake was crumbled over the bride’s head as an appeasement to God. This tradition was brought to the Britain by Julius Caesar in 54 BC which got adopted as a local custom.

However, decorated cakes also became famous during the reign of Elizabeth I. The decoration usually involved almond paste. However, during the weddings, the cakes were usually in the form of little buns with sticky almond paste on the top.

The Last Century

The cakes today have evolved into countless designs. They are covered with flowers, ruffles, shaped fondants etc. Gradually, the tier cakes gained importance and popularity because of the larger crowd they needed to serve. The custom of bride and groom cutting the cake together began in 1930s. This was also the time when soft sugar-paste became widely known. However, the first sugar-paste recipe was published in a book titled Delights for Ladies in the year 1609.

With time, cakes have attained great trends and set fashion styles for all occasions that include Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Baby shower, Mother’s Day etc. Almost in all parts of the world, cakes have spread their charm in varied flavours and forms. And in the times to come, we are surely going to be surprised with the exquisite variations they attain.

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