How Does An Eyelid Surgery Helps Fix Baggy Eyes

It is a well-known fact that public figures, celebrities, have already started having cosmetic surgery, especially the eyelid surgery which makes them look quite young. When it comes to these kinds of surgeries, you can visit Dr Naveen Somia, an eyebag removal surgeon Sydney and ask for a consultation.

Many people seek eyelid surgery to be able to fix their tired look and make themselves appear much younger. There are two reasons why we get baggy eyes and dark circles, but there is only one answer why we get wrinkles.

Aging gracefully?

Sometimes, people will diss eyelid surgery by saying ‘I will just age gracefully’, but what is graceful about aging whatsoever? Your skin becomes loose, filled with wrinkles and your muscles weaken, giving you a tired and old look.

As soon as you realize that you are not in love with the image in the mirror because of the wrinkled eyes and saggy eyebrows, you should schedule a consultation with the surgeon and ask him anything that might interest you.

Genetics play a huge role

For some of us, genetics are the major culprits for our baggy eyes and dark circles. When you look at your relatives, you will be able to tell how soon will you need to have this surgery in order to make yourself look your age.

While people usually get eyelid surgery in the 40s, sometimes people will get them in their early twenties. This is all due to genetics and some environmental causes as well; such as your lifestyle, sleeping schedule, stress level… etc.

Set a budget

Before you even consider going under the knife, you should set a budget that should never be crossed. If the eyelid surgery cost does not go under your budget, it is always better to wait a bit before spending all of your money on the procedure.

Consultations and the right doctor

One of the most important things that you should do first is find the right doctor for the procedure. If you do not have the right doctor, he might make you more nervous and unsure of the procedure. This is why it is important that you and your doctor have a special chemistry between.

On the other hand, it is also very important that you have many consultations before the surgery. These consultations are meant to teach you everything about the procedure that you will have, making you less nervous before the actual surgery.

Bad habits have to go

Depending on the procedure you are having and your lifestyle, there might have to be some changes. For example, your surgeon might ask you to stop smoking a couple of months prior and after the surgery, because this way your skin will heal better.

In other cases, you might have to lose some weight before the surgery can be performed. There is also the possibility of complications with the combination of some drugs, which will all be explained by your doctor.

Final word

If you have any other questions, you should feel free to visit Dr Naveen Somia’s website at as he is a great cosmetic and plastic surgeon who will explain everything to you. Just make sure you have enough money and that you are well-informed before you have such a procedure done.