How Can You Tell If You Need Lintel Repair? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Lintel damage can be a serious problem for homeowners. Knowing what lintel damage is and how your home can benefit from lintel repair is important. This FAQ can help homeowners with properties experiencing lintel damage.  

What is a lintel? 

A lintel is an important structural part of your home. The lintel is the horizontal span that connects the vertical supports on either side of a window or door. Lintels are a load bearing part of the structure. Most windows and doors have a lintel.

Some lintels are decorative as well as load-bearing. Decorative lintels may feature carvings or sculpted elements. Lintels that fail can cause the window to bow downward, and can also cause cracks in the space above the window or door.

How can you tell if you need lintel repair? 

Most people notice cracks above their windows and doors before noticing other forms of damage. These cracks may be horizontal or vertical, depending on the type of problem that the lintel is experiencing. Typically, lintel damage does not become apparent until new windows are installed in the home.

When old windows are removed and new windows are installed, this is when cracks often appear on the exterior of the home. Sometimes, lintel damage can appear even if windows are not being replaced. Homeowners are encouraged to watch for cracks on the walls outside the home, as these are often the first indications of a problem.  

What can be done to fix lintels?

Typically, a home lintel repair will involve installation of helical bars over the windows. Helical bars are strong steel beams that are built into the home directly over the window to ensure even distribution of the weight over the window. Helical bars are relatively easy to install and can be done with minimal disruption to the homeowner. After helical bars are installed, the weight of the lintel is redistributed and then the home is properly supported. 

Get Started With Foundation Repair 

If your home is experiencing lintel problems and requires lintel repair, seeking help is important. Without proper repair, your home could experience serious foundation damage. Get started with repair as soon as possible. To get the best deal and to find the right contractor for your needs, contact multiple foundation repair companies today.

Getting bids from multiple contractors can help you decide what is a fair and reasonable amount to pay for the repair and can also help you pick a contractor who makes you feel comfortable and confident with your upcoming home repair.