How a slab leak can affect your home  

Slab leaks can be the most expensive kind of leak you ever have in your home. A dripping tap may waste water, but it usually won’t cause damage beyond possible staining. Fixing the leak is usually relatively simple and inexpensive.

Slab leaks, on the other hand, can go on for a long time without being noticed. The leaking pipes can be either in your walls or under your foundation. Because you can’t see or hear the water dripping, you need to be aware of signs that you have a problem.

  1. When the ground under your home becomes saturated, the water can actually come up into your home and make your floors wet. Wet carpet or warped wood floors may be your first indication of a slab leak.
  2. Another sign of a slab leak is mold. Mold in your walls may be visible before you smell it, and can lead to health problems for anyone living there. People living with mold may seem to be having an allergic reaction, with symptoms like runny noses and sneezing.
  3. When water has been sitting for a long time, it creates a distinctive musty smell. Any time you notice this smell, you should investigate immediately to see if you have mold or mildew accumulating somewhere.
  4. Your yard may have standing water, or there may be patches where the yard is much greener than the other parts of the yard.
  5. If your foundation becomes damaged because of the excessive water, it can cause cracks and even shifts in the foundation.

If you have a mold problem, you will need to eliminate it completely in order to make the home safe to live in. This can be expensive, and may be particularly difficult and expensive if the mold is in the walls or under the home. You will also need to deal with the slab leak to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When the source of the leak is under your home, it will be difficult to find exactly where the leak is coming from. The longer the leak goes on, the more expensive the repairs can be. Your insulation may be damaged, along with your carpets and other flooring. Even your yard can incur enough damage that significant repairs need to be made.

The most devastating and costly damage occurs when your foundation is damaged by the slab leak. Unfortunately, an insurance company may try to blame you as the homeowner for not correcting the problem more quickly, even though there was no reasonable way to detect or correct a leak before you could see it.

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