Full 3 Week Diet Review and All You Need to Know

I know that many people tried very hard to lose weight, but finally, they failed because there was no specific and scientific guide to follow. More importantly, those plans took them a very long time to see an impressive result.

If you are looking for an effective short-term diet program, today I will do a full 3 week diet review.

This is a new 3-week diet for those who want fast weight loss. The author, Brian Flatt, said that you could shed from 12 to about 23 pounds within 3 weeks only. The question is that will it work that much?

What does this program include?

This book consists of 4 main sections that will help readers understand the whole fat burning system behind. From that, they could have and strengthen their motivation for getting fit.

  • Introduction Manual shows you why we put on fat as well as the science behind the effectiveness of this diet including step by step guide burn stored fat in your body
  • Diet Manual includes 3 phases, which are detoxification, 24-hour fasting, and fast fat loss talking about the necessary dietary changes in 3 weeks. Also, you could learn how to calculate the calorie amount required for weight loss
  • Workout Manual with full instructions and diagrams, the author shows you how to perform the full body workout
  • Motivation and Mindset Manual offers you useful tools and tips to keep trying and stick with the process

However, it will not be recommended if you are vegetarians or following another medical diet.

Is it effective?

In theory, this program should work since the diet is designed based on low carb system that is proven to be effective at weight loss.

From the perspective of a user, I have to say it is well worth trying because I did reduce nearly 10 pounds after 2 weeks! Apart from the rapid result, it is suitable for busy people, as this requires only 3 weeks with comprehensive and readable instructions.

The specific guide helps you make a plan that works on your own body (body mass, body goals, and starting weight) instead of following a role model. The author knows that this is a process you could not finish in one or two days, so he provides moral support that improves your motivation a lot.


I hope that after reading this 3 week diet review, you are now confident to try it out. Eating healthy, working out hard and positive attitude are 3 main things for losing weight. If you have any questions about other ideas, make a comment, and we will discuss later.

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