Explore cheap international flights to Singapore

Singapore is one of the smallest Asian countries. In spite of not having any natural resources, it has become a prosperous nation. People from all over the world come to Singapore for various reasons. Some of them come on a business trip whereas some people come on a vacation. Naturally, Singapore is a great tourist location. You can find various Singapore tour packages all over the internet.

When you have tour packages, the question of cheap international flights comes into the picture as well. Any tour package can cost you a lot of money. One place where you can really save money by doing some intelligent research is your flight tickets. There are many techniques using which you will be able to book your flight tickets really cheap. Let us look at some of these techniques.

·         Have you tried the upgrade?

These are last minute deals. Sometimes, it happens that the business class seats do not fill up to their capacity whereas the economy class can be full. Every airline has a specific upgrade policy. It is during these times that upgrades come very cheap. Many people feel that giving out cheap upgrades can cost the airlines heavily. In fact, this is a win-win situation for all. The airlines can fill up these business class seats that would have any way gone empty. At the same time, it also opens up the economy class seats as well. The heavy traffic can lead to booking of some last minute economy class tickets. The passengers gain because they do get to travel in the business class at a comparatively cheaper rate. Usually, individuals benefit more in comparison to families and groups. There is another drawback as you might have to wait for your turn to come before seeking an upgrade.

·         Subscribe for price alerts:

The Singapore sector is usually a very busy sector with a lot of traffic. Under such circumstances, you can find a fluctuation in the fares at times. Subscribing to a fare alerting advertising system can get you some attractive cheap international flights. It can happen that mid-day flights during the mid-week can be really cheaper than the others. Have a bit of flexibility in your schedules. You could just land up with a great deal. This also requires you to be alert to the situation.

·         The early bird gets the worm:

Many airline companies commence their booking schedules by releasing their seats nearly 11 months in advance. People who book early do manage to get great deals. Therefore, if you have been planning your singapore tour packages for a long time now, it is better to avail this facility and become an early bird. You could end up with a red-hot deal.

·         Get good facilities at a lesser price:

Some airline companies have flights that contain economy class preferred seats. These seats are strategically placed near the exit rows. You can get a few extra centimeters of leg room. You can as well drop your idea of taking a business class sear and opt for such preferred seats. The airlines might charge you a bit more, but it will still be considerably less than the business class seats. No every airline has them. Do your research well in this regard.

·         Break your journey into smaller trips:

There are people who like to travel on direct long-haul flights like say Toronto to Singapore. These can be a bit expensive at times. It is not a bad idea to break your journey into smaller sectors like say Toronto to Los Angeles and thereon have another halt at say Hong Kong before leaving for Singapore. Booking individual tickets on such small sector flights can save you a lot of money. You might have to pass through various immigration counters and carry your baggage all around. Hence, have sufficient time at your disposal.

·         Know your baggage limits

Try out the budget airlines for your cheap international flights. The tickets do come cheap but they have strict limits as far as free baggage allowance is concerned. Therefore, it makes sense to know your limits per ticket. It is always better to book your excess baggage at the time of booking your tickets. They cost less when you book them early. In case you wait until the last minute, you might end up paying as much as the flight cost itself.

·         Take advantage of the competition:

Understand the economics of the transaction well. Larger airports have more number of flights operating from them. Hence, the competition is intense thereby allowing you to get more discounts. At the same time, the airlines flying from smaller locations can cost more. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you to take a bus or train from your city to the larger city nearby and catch your flight from there. You do end up saving a lot under such circumstances.

·         Browse the search engines profitably:

Check out the flight search engines properly for the lowest rates between your locations. Type your route and enter the date range. The search engines provide you with the lowest fares when you check the “see calendar of lowest fares”. You get a list of the cheapest fares available over the entire range of flights between the two journey points on every day within your time frame.

·         Lock your choice and reap the benefit:

If you are a bit unsure of the exact day of your travel, some airlines provide you with the opportunity to pay a token advance and lock your ticket. You can pay the actual agreed fare at the time of confirming the booking. However, not all airline companies offer this facility. Check out the Singapore tour packages in advance and explore possibilities of locking your ticket.

Final thoughts:

You have just seen nine simple tricks that can enable you to book cheap international flights and enjoy your Singapore tour packages. Use them to your advantage and have a nice time touring one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia.