Downloading Netflix Movies with Movavi Screen Recorder

In the past it wasn’t possible to save Netflix movies or watch them offline, however that changed recently. Still as much as it is possible to ‘download’ Netflix movies, there are some limitations – and it doesn’t apply to all titles and is only supported by certain platforms.


As you can imagine the limitations on Netflix’s ‘download’ feature can be frustrating, which is why using Movavi Screen Recorder to download them is an attractive option. Unlike the built-in feature, when you can record and save any Netflix movies you want with its help – and will have full control over every aspect of it.


Although it may seem as though setting up and recording Netflix movies is more time-consuming and complicated, the truth is it will only take a minute – or less. If you want to save Netflix to MP4, MKV or any other format, the first thing you need to do is open up the movie that you want to download then launch Movavi Screen Recorder.


Once you launch Movavi Screen Recorder, draw a frame over the Netflix movie as it appears on your screen. The interface will appear, and you can expand the list under ‘Capture Area’ if you would prefer to record the movie in full-screen.


Glance at the interface to check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted and the ‘Microphone’ icon is not. If that isn’t the case, click on either icon to enable or disable audio recording from that source. Additionally if you could click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon to set a timer to have Movavi Screen Recorder stop recording automatically, or set both a start and stop time if you want to automate both.


Assuming you’re manually controlling the recording, click ‘REC’ and play the Netflix movie to get the recording underway. After the movie ends, click ‘Stop’ and Movavi Screen Recorder will immediately save the video in MKV format as well as display it in a preview window.


If you want to save it as an MP4 file or in some other format you can click ‘Save As’ and pick the format that you prefer. More importantly you will be able to trim out any segments of video in the ‘Preview’ window as well by using the ‘scissors’ icon to split and isolate segments, then using the ‘trash can’ icon to delete them.


Go ahead and try recording Netflix movies, or at very least set up Movavi Screen Recorder so you can see firsthand how easy it is. Once you’ve tried it out once, the next time round you should be able to set it up and start recording in well under a minute – which is part of what makes downloading movies from Netflix in this way so useful.