Bread Machine: Understand Them Better Before You Buy One

For people who are fed up of eating the bread bought from stores, the bread making machines are nothing less than a magic wand. Having a bread machine at home means you can have freshly baked bread whenever you want. It also means you can meet the dietary requirements of your family members and bake gluten free bread, etc.

However, if you do not have a bread machine at home and intend to buy one, then there are several bread machine guides that you can refer to before you make the purchase. However, here is a quick gist that can make the decision-making process easy for you.

Price Depends on Programmable Options

There are many different variations of bread machines available in the market. Depending on your willingness to spend you can go for higher end or low-end machine models.

However, unlike other home appliances, the size of the product will not determine the price of the product. The number of features and the programming options will determine the price. A bread machine can let you program how dark you want the crust to be or you want kneaded dough or not. You can also set programs for gluten free or whole wheat bread. The more you are able to do with your bread machine the higher you pay for it.

Variations in Kneading Paddles

Most bread machines have one kneading paddle available. However, it is recommended to have a machine that offers two paddles. Two paddles will knead the dough as good as hand kneaded dough.

There are also different options available for kneading paddles as well. There are some bread machines that have one set of kneading paddles specifically for bread dough and another set for kneading pasta dough.

Delayed Timer

This is a good to have feature since it lets you set the timer as to when the baking should start. This way the working women can set the timer to start baking the bread while they are on their way home from work. You can also set the timer to start baking the bread at say 5 am so that you can have it for breakfast before you leave for work.

Alarm System

Most bread machines will sound off an alarm once the bread is baked. But there are some machines that alert the user when to add certain ingredients like fruits or nuts. This keeps the ingredients from getting crushed during the initial kneading process. These machines can be used for making bread with a wide range of ingredients.


The basic function of the bread machine requires it to mix and knead the dough thoroughly. This process can create a lot of noise. The low-end flimsy models make more noise. They also move around the counter a lot and often topple down. The high-end versions make less noise and are sturdy. However, it can be difficult to find a bread machine that does not make any noise.