Benefits of Tarmac Cleaner

Airports maintain their tarmacs and runways to ensure that the tracks are free from any foreign object debris.  Equipment are known for their abilities to clean large surfaces at high speed and they can pick up everyday items on the runways such as small metallic objects, sand, pieces of vegetation and pea gravel.

FOD*BOSS is the solution to this problem. It is known as the best foreign object debris sweeper highly recognized by airports and other institutions to can handle their tarmac cleaning programs. The machine has high speed and can clean a width of 8ft to 24ft.

The cleaner has now become the most cost-effective and reliable debris removal device in the aviation industry. It comes with the following benefits;

It can be used at any time

Cleaning operation can take place both during the day and at night. The cleaning equipment is designed to work efficiently without any struggle. Therefore, you can choose the best place to work when the site is not busy. If most of the activities at the airport takes place during the day, cleaning can take place at night which enhances convenience. Also, it can operate both in wet or dry conditions. When the weather is chilly, you do not have to worry as the cleaner is made to work properly in any situation.

It is eco-friendly

One of the best aspects to note about the cleaner is that it does not emit any environmental non-friendly products. It does not give out harmful odors, and also, it works quietly without noise-pollution. This makes the environment a comfortable place even during the cleaning.

Low maintenance

The tarmac cleaner does not require a high cost for maintenance. All it needs is proper handling and regular cleaning. The machine should be handled by a professional to avoid break down and clear all the collected debris ensuring that none is left in the chambers as this could slow down the cleaning process. Also, checkups from time to time are recommended to make sure that everything is in good shape and that it is repaired where need be.

It brings in a significant reduction in waste disposal cost

Using the tarmac cleaner helps in ensuring that all foreign object debris are collected at a manageable cost. Once you have purchased the cleaner, it is a onetime cost, and you will no longer incur waste disposal costs.

FOD*BOSS is a significant investment which, when well handled, it could serve you for centuries. The cleaner comes at an affordable price and offers high-quality cleaning aiming at reducing dangers that may result from foreign objects all over the airport runways.