Benefits of Installing a Copper Roof over the Others

Redesigning your house might seem like a hard task if you are doing it for the first ever time but it is not impossible. You have to know the correct materials and techniques to do it the faster way. You can always hire contractors online by searching roofing contractors downriver Michigan, i.e. where you live or nearby. Now, the most important part of renovating your house is the roof and the material you choose for it. We all know wood and aluminum is the most used ones but copper is the new one and here is why:

Benefits of Copper Roofs:

  • Cost Effective: Since we are trying to save some money here while also renovating our house the best way copper seems a good alternative. Copper doesn’t cost you a fortune and can be used up to 50 years or so if maintained properly. Copper is also resistant to harsh weather conditions and insect-related issues which saves you a lot of hassle. So in total, a lot of money is saved if you choose copper as the roofing option.


  • Lighter in Weight: The transportation is something you also need to think of if you haven’t hired a roofing contractor at that point. Transporting copper isn’t very tough since it is lighter in weight and can fit into smaller places. Another factor is since the roof is much lighter in weight it is simpler for the walls to support it for the longer period. Flexibility in copper also increases your options for using it in different ways.


  • Quality Material: While we would love to have light weighted materials above our head we would also ask for the quality. Copper doesn’t compromise with the quality either and thus giving us a very elegant looking exterior. The whole material complements any setting when built properly. With aging copper turns a little blue-green making it look even better.
  • Environment-Friendly: The rise in the level of pollution has increased the number of concerns we have, and thus we need to use something to save the resources. Now, copper is a very eco-friendly option since it is heat resistant and can regulate a much better temperature control inside the house. This saves your electricity cost and the copper from your roof can be recycled when damaged.

These are the four major benefits of using copper for your new or reformed roof. You have different options to choose from but selecting one which is beneficial to the whole ecosystem is the best one!