Anavar Popularity and Uses

Anavar is one of the popular steroids that are used by professionals and normal users to get a well and hard chiselled physique. This drug is very mild in nature and cannot be used for bulking up. For a user to bulk up, he might need multiple dosages of a strong steroid and frequent usage. But anavar is known for its mild nature and less anabolic effect on users. Hence, this drug is more preferred by women than man in general. If preferred by men, this is used in cutting cycle rather than n bulking cycle. It helps to cure some medical issues as well for women and hence can be seen as an all-rounder.

Anavar for men and women – dosage information

Steroids will have to be taken in very controlled dosages. All the dosage recommendation will have to be consulted with a physician.  This is said to be the safest drug and hence no prescription is required in many countries. Anavar though mild, the dosage is different for men and women. For men ideally,they can take 50-60mg per day and women are permitted to take 10mg per day. These dosages will have to be continued for a certain amount of time then the intake of the drug will have to be stopped for a couple of days. This period is called the resting period for all users. During this time the body will get adjusted to the drug and if there is any side effect, the user will come to know. Also, the user needs to continue this and then continue the drug for the remaining period. Any dosage exceeding the recommended quantities would lead to several side effects and can generally attack the central nervous system.

Caution on usage and recommendations

Usage of Anavar is claimed safe for both women and men. For men, who would wish to add muscle strength and bulk up, anavar would not do much good. Either they will have to see other strong dosages or they will have to pile up anavar with any other stacking supplements such as Clenbuterol, Winstrol or similar drugs. But, when stacking up caution needs to be exercised as the dosage should not exceed the allowable limit. Generally, as Anavar is used to cut fat muscles, any other strong anabolic steroids can be paired up with Anavar for muscle gain. This drug is recommended and promoted by many users for cutting cycle.

Why is this pricey despite being mild?

With these many benefits, Anavar is a bit pricey when compared to other drugs in the same range. Many users wonder why this drug is pricey despite the fact that many users cannot get bulking benefit from this. But, the fact is this drug being mild with less anabolic effect gives users very fewer side effects. If the users follow correct dose timing and schedule then the benefits can be seen very soon. Many users don’t mind the fact that this drug is pricey as they experience good effects with fewer issues. Thus, this can be stacked with any other drugs to get the maximum benefit.