7 Ways in Which You Can Style Your Skinny Jeans

Let’s all admit that skinny jeans is that one single trend which will never not be popular, be it among teenagers or KPop stars. Their brand of popularity majorly stems from the fact that they are incredibly versatile and extremely comfortable, without trying too hard.

So, in vein of the love of skinny jeans, we talk about the seven different ways in which you can style your everyday boring set of skinny jeans that has been lying neglected at the back of your closet.

  • The basic white shirt: You can literally never go wrong with your basic skinny denims and a good fitting white shirt, be it for a day at the office or even brunch with the girls. Keep it classy with a pair of strappy black heels, or if you feel adventurous, throw in a pair of all white converse high tops. Throw in a stylish pair of sunglasses, some tainted lip gloss and you are ready to face the day. For added effect, cuff the basic white shirt up to your elbows for a carefully careless look.
  • An oversized sweater: Every single person who has worn skinny jeans knows how contrasting shapes work, and that is the basic idea behind this look. Simply grab one of the over sized or grandpa sweaters that has been lying around neglected in your closet and throw it on top of your skinny jeans. More points to you if your denim is more on the ripped or distressed side, since it adds a little more edge to the look. To make this look even more happening, we suggest that you tuck in one side of your sweater with a textural belt.
  • Get a subtle print: We suggest that if you have a pair of light wash skinny jeans, then go casual with it by adding a dark shirt. Go with black, because not only is it flattering but it also gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Mix and match it up with a pair of black Oxford shoes, and maybe add a little bit of a bling with a statement ring or a long chain necklace. However, remember to never go overboard when it comes to accessorizing a pair of skinny jeans.
  • Go all black: Have a black pair of skinny jeans but no white shirt? Well, don’t worry about it. This is the time to go all black. Grab a decent black shirt form your closet and pair all of it with a pair of black shoes if you have to. Now, you need a pop of colour to add a dimension to an otherwise completely monochromatic garment, and hence we suggest that you go for a bright pink or even an animal print scarf, and for even an added bonus, get your brightest shade of matte lipstick and go a little crazy with it.
  • Add a blazer and pointed toe shoes: Nothing can make you look effortlessly classy in just a few minutes as a well-tailored and well-polished blazer can. Pair it with your favorite set of pointed toe heels and you are just about ready to attend any event that you want to. The best feature about this look is that you have completely free reign to add whatever accessories that you want to. However, we would suggest that you stick with a nice and sleek wrist watch and one sleek hand clutch.
  • Layer it up: There is no way that layering your outfit with a pair of skinny jeans can go wrong, no matter what your size and body type is. And for this, we simply do not mean layers of sweaters and coats during the winter. You can layer your outfit with a tank top and a front open shirt, or even go for a long high rise or fish cut top if you are running a little behind your alarm clock.
  • Add a peplum top: Nothing works better and faster to create the illusion of curves than a peplum top. We suggest that you get a dark colored peplum top to wear with your skinny denims, and to keep it classy, throw in a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings and a bright pink lipstick. Don’t forget to wear your favorite set of heels to bring the entire ensemble together.

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