6 Myths That Surround Maintenance of Good Posture

Everybody talks about having a good posture and working towards achieving it. Many blogs and websites talk about things you can do to correct your posture. However, many of these are simply incorrect, and we are going to bust these myths that surround the maintenance of good posture. Read on to find out more.

You need to constantly monitor your posture

It is impossible to direct your complete attention towards your posture through the entire day. The human brain carries out a lot of activities simultaneously which makes it impossible to focus on one single aspect all the time. Posture comes to everyone naturally and is the simple activity of breathing.

An improved posture comes with great difficulties

We have heard this one too many times. While trying to change their posture people often try to stiffen up, pull their bellies in and push their shoulders behind. However, this does not help in straightening your spine as our bodies have their own motions and oscillate with every breath proving that being still isn’t the solution. Posture is defined as a dynamic position and not a static one.

Instead, posture correction can easily be achieved with some help and guidance from a Chiropractor. A Chiropractor can easily detect poor posture that may create problems with the spine or the nervous system. The Chiropractor may use tools such as X-Rays, CT Scans, and followed by other chiropractic solutions to evaluate the problem in one’s spine and help you achieve better posture with ease.

Keeping your chin up and chest out constitutes great posture

All of us have had our share of elders asking us to stand erect with your chin high and chest out to get the best posture. However, this does not result in correct posture and instead creates even more problems. When your chin is tilted upwards, and your chest is pointing outwards, it usually causes muscle tension. It also exaggerates the cervical and lumbar curves. This leads to hindrance in circulation as well as pinching of nerve roots. These positions are not feasible to maintain for long periods and result in back pain.

A Chiropractor can cure these difficulties and also correct your posture by using the method of adjustments. They use gentle movements to help you achieve the right posture without experiencing the cracking sound.

It is too late for correcting your posture

The human body is capable of adapting to the several changes that it encounters on a daily basis and thus correcting your posture is not the impossible task you may think it is. According to research studies, a person can change their posture even when they are in their 80s or 90s. This can be done by conditioning your body to frequent movements. Relaxing your muscles is as important as strengthening them.

Chiropractors use soft tissue work to correct your spine structure. It focuses on how muscles interact with the body to create the best posture. This is needed because when a muscle changes its structure or position; another muscle also requires doing the same. When a muscle relaxes, another becomes overactive. The chiropractor addresses these overactive muscles with muscle releases and stretches and helps in achieving posture correction.

It is important to breathe through the belly

This myth again has been proven to be wrong. Breathing exercises are carried out in various ways depending on different movements and goals to be achieved in the process. Belly or deep breathing is recommended for people who need excess oxygen. For example, it is recommended when you run for a long time. During relaxation, breathing must necessarily be done by the chest only moving slightly to the belly.

Pinching shoulder blades together ensures a healthy posture

It is hard to stress on this point enough that relaxing muscles is paramount. However, pinching the shoulder blades together isn’t a comfortable position. It causes pain and muscle fatigue. Shoulder rolls are more recommended as compared to pinching them together.

If your posture is causing you difficulties, then it is crucial to visit a chiropractor for correct evaluation and detection of your condition. Chiropractors treat you with practical methods that are quick at giving you the best techniques for posture correction.