5 Crowdfunding Promotion Ideas for Today’s Youth

Crowdfunding rose as a trend primarily among urban millennials who sought to spark a change when the concept was first introduced to India. On crowdfunding India websites, adults with an average income are able to make a sizeable impact. Through their fundraisers, they raise awareness about a cause or a problem, tell stories of a nonprofit’s project, how it positively affected a community and encourage giving among their networks.

And now the subsequent generation is following suit! And they’re raising concern (and funds) for nonprofit projects in menstrual hygiene, environment and mental health. With crowdfunding, they’re able to utilize their vast social media networks to raise funds over a short span of time through a safe and secure donation portal.

Whether you’re looking to raise funds for yourself, a friend or a cause you care about, there are many ways in which you can make a difference. Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have witnessed in the past that social crowdfunding campaigns led by youth gained far more traction than those led by older adults. How are youth promoting their fundraisers? Here are five ways to begin:

Approach students in your college personally

You could be the best at harnessing the power of the crowd, simply because you’ve got the crowd right at your fingertips! Take advantage of those five minutes of leisure between classes, lunch hours at the food court or mess and the evening hours past curfew in the hostels to make your appeal personally. Go with your laptop or phone, have your fundraiser open and convince them to make a donation right then.

Organize a public attention-grabbing stunt

Nearly every college club and organization does something to surprise the public and grab their attention right before they make an announcement about a performance, competition or an event. You can do the same for your fundraiser. Think of a creative way to talk about your cause; perhaps through a skit or a song. You can even go the extra mile, pull in more people to promote your cause and do a flash mob!

Ask your friends in other clubs to promote your fundraiser

Draft out a short, chirpy appeal along with the link to your fundraiser and ask the heads of all college clubs and organizations to send it across their Whatsapp and Facebook groups. Don’t stop there. Follow up and ask them to confirm when someone makes a donation. Or consider going to their events and personally reminding them.

Hand out flyers and put up posters

People tend to remember things better when they’re printed out and handed to them, rather than a Whatsapp message that gets lost among others. Get a shorter version of your fundraiser link (at Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru, you can ask for a personalized shortened link as many people tend to consider bitly links to be spam) and put it up on your flyers and posters along with some eye-catching (but informative) lines about your fundraiser. Get someone who’s good at Photoshop to help you out.

Consider getting the college management to promote your cause

If you can convince them that your fundraiser is important and of the impact it can make on lives, your college could join you in making an appeal! Many colleges are willing to put up ads for students on their various portals, like those which students use to view their attendance or grades. You can also ask them to hang up your posters in their offices and talk about your cause in their newsletter, which reaches out to every student in the university.